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         Since its inception, Zhonglida's employees have always adhered to the following fine traditions:

          Smile - -- As the saying goes, "Smile, ten years old". Working with a smile is the basis of happy work and life.
          Respect - Respect for work, colleagues and superiors is the greatest respect and dignity for oneself.
          Punctuality - Punctuality is the best reputation for accomplishing tasks and respecting others
          Quality - Positive work, neat clothes are the quality of people, and keeping quantity is the quality of work.
          Cleanliness - Clean clothes, clean working environment, orderly material placement are the basic conditions of work efficiency.
          Responsibility - Correction and effective prevention in time are powerful shields to evade responsibility.
          Loyalty - Loyalty to work and life is the guarantee of quality and efficiency
          Benefit - Quality is the foundation of work and survival, and Benefit is the source of the development of factories.
          Job-dedication and job-loving  is the guarantee of fulfilling the task of filling the job with fun and vitality.

      "Zhonglida" today's brilliance can not be separated from the silent dedication and hard work of the staff,I believe that Zhonglida will certainly be able to go up to a higher level!

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